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Текст песни moonbeam ft tyler michaud — love never dies

Оригинальный текст и слова песни love never dies:

Baby don’t be sad;
It is just my body that’s gone.
Heaven knows;
I’m watching over you..

I am in the sun..
shining down upon your face low
I’ll be in your moonbeams;
every night

[CHORUS]Don’t cry;
Love Never Dies.
Don’t cry;
Love Never Dies.

When you can’t see me;
Never thought I’d love again
I had to win my heart and ache the key.

Then you open me;
You will waken all my senses
Do you know you stopped my heart to breath?

[CHORUS]HOld tight;
just for a while
Hold tight;
Love Never dies.

??? is alive
How long is a life?
tell me and I’ll ???

Till you know
you & I.
only one;
only love.


just for a while.
Hold tight;
Love never dies.

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