The First Trunk

My friend ago twenth these sur
To me came son the barrel

Feat told that night safe life
I died this cried creates a fight

We went to him my wants 7 olds away
I remember this day (day)

But the wist i get up bro
My brother was a piece fucking all

I.. Buy.. State..

Beside him but then with stong
I study to may take sure that nice mist

I walk went in the bloc
I queen, tap their phone

It’s like an iPhone

I pretend that i say
This is a full tape (hey)

But.. A friend..

Of my a come out of that comment
Airlight’s everything is fired

He has a gun like a buying
This sun shining we from the bottle

And study to should

It was very good to fuck
My friend look like 2 PAC

He gave me a gun
I fade and the run

It was like GTA San Andreas

Time pass and their gun
In (in) is in over

For a rainy day
I run a bullet open in display (ha)

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Get up!

[INTRODUCE] Come on, come on Come on, come on (complicated band) Come on, come on …

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